Friday, March 27, 2009

Hand-uh Fone

Cell Phones are huge in Korea.

Koreans go bonkers over these devices. In fact, 85% of the unemployed have cell phones here. Check this website out if you don't believe me.

Now if you're from Toronto, get ready for this. The nation is so crazy about cell phones... that they work on the subway.

Wait. You mean when the subway is outside right?

No, as in ninja turtle underground sewer deep, your cell phone will work. Seoul has invested so much money into their communication infrastructure, that cell phones work pretty much anywhere. On the business side of things, if you have 9 subway lines (compared to Toronto's 2), and millions of people use it, that's a worthy investment.

So today I was excited to get a cell phone. Mainly because they were CDMA (Telus uses this), so that when I do come back home I could use the phone that I had purchased. I walked into the shop with my co-teacher, and unfortunately could not get a cell phone.

Why? Because being a foreigner sucks. I couldn't use my Korean Hana Bank book because it was created by using my passport, they were unwilling to take my credit card because it was foreign (even though I could buy a meal with it), and they weren't willing to take my co-teacher's credit card because the cell phone was not under her name. Lame.

Now I have to re-do my bank book by using my Alien Registration Card, to show that I am an legal alien.

Why can't I join the cell phone craze like the rest of the nation? Come on, even the unemployed have it.